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Our Classic High Heel Pumps

A word about our styles . . .

At Classic Pumps, most of our styles feature a low-cut vamp that will show your toe cleavage. If you prefer less of your toe cleavage to show, then you should try either the Anna or Bella styles.

Our most popular styles (Lola, Rossi, Nany, Anna, Bella) run very true-to-size. Please be sure that you know your correct size.

Heel Heights are all measured based upon a size 7.5 shoe. As the size decreases or increases, so does the heel height by up to 1/2 inch by the time you reach sizes 3.5 or 12. For example, a size 3.5 Rossi style actually has a 3 inch heel. A size 5 Lola may have a 3.5 or 3.75 inch heel. A size 10 Bella shoe may have a 3.5 inch heel. Please take this into account when selecting a style.

Width of most of our shoes is B (medium). Due to popular demand we now offer the Lola/Rossi styles in a C width in a few colors. C width affords the wearer an extra 1/16" width at the widest part of the foot.

Shoe Photos — Although it is difficult to capture the true essence of the shoes in pictures, we hope our Shoe pages with larger pop-ups will make your Classic Pumps purchasing decision easier. Click the small images of each shoe to see a larger photo.