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Fan Mail — Our Customers Rave
about their Classic Pumps High Heels

"The shoes have arrived and I just tried them on, I love them! The fit is perfect and I'm happy with the color as well. Thank you again for your help and patience! As a college student I can't afford to get a new pair of shoes all the time but in the future I definitely plan on getting the Lola's in more colors as well as a few other styles! I love the classic/classy and elegant cut and shape of your shoes, they remind me of the shoes I used to put on my barbie dolls! It was a pleasure doing business with you again Walt and I am sure we will be in contact again."

Teaneck, NJ (02/07/2012)

"I love love love my Lolas! I hate platforms, and I feel as though that's all I could find in the stores for the past few years. Then my mother discovered Classic Pumps online and ordered me a pair in black kid, having been assured by Walt that they were totally returnable. Well, I was blown away. They were absolutely perfect -- I love lots of toe cleavage and a 4" heel -- and I've since ordered a couple of more pairs.

I'm an under-30 customer who loves a feminine, sexy shoe with sleek lines and Classic Pumps has them. They're beautiful, well made and comfortable too. Thanks, Walt!"

London, UK (05/24/2011)

"My friends all laugh at me (I'll be 84 in May 2011) because I am always wearing these cute shoes...they ask me where I get them and I say I send for them in Chicago. I LOVE them in all colors.

When I broke my left foot my friends said "you'll never wear your high heels again . . . WRONG . . . that was many years ago and I still wear them. Recently, a young lady commented to me that I do certainly walk well in them . . . she did not add "for an older lady" thank heavens. Thank heavens for Walt and my Classic Pumps. Every time I need new shoes I call Walt and I wonder will they still be there? Walt is and we always have have a nice chat."

Lake Worth, FL (03/25/2011)

"We had scoured every retailer looking for "classic" style high heels. By that we meant, a low cut vamp, a variety of heel heights and a small "regular" size toe. We happened to type in "Classic pumps" into Google and we ended up finding everything we had been looking for. The quality of the shoes we purchased was fantastic. The leather is soft, supple, flexible and has a beautiful sheen.

Customer service from Walt was great, he answered all questions we had, he truly knows his products inside out, a rarity these days. Thanks for your diligence in keeping "Classic Pumps" alive and well."

London, Canada (02/23/2011)

"I just want to THANK Walt and his Classic Pumps team for their outstanding customer service. Walt, with the attention that you give your customers CLASSIC PUMPS will be around for a long time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ronda Classic Pumps.

I cannot wait to wear them with the sheerest stockings I can possibly find. That is the only way I will wear them so that the pumps will stand out. Trust me I plan on purchasing another pair. I think every woman should own a pair of pumps.

Walt and the CLASSIC PUMPS team keep up the excellent customer service. You definitely got my attention with your prompt service. Walt you will hear from me again. I even have CLASSIC PUMPS number programmed in my cell phone. THANK YOU!!!!"

Scarbro, WV (02/11/2011)

"You guys have the absolute BEST customer service I have experienced and the shoes are wonderful."

Huntington, NY (11/2/2010)

"Hello...I'm glad to receiving my shoes. Thanks for your perfect service and the perfect heels. I love them and they are so comfortable. Thanks."

Saitama City, Japan (11/1/2010)

"Im writing to say thank you from myself and my wife. My wife LOVES her taupe Lola pumps and they fit her perfectly. She has a difficult time finding excellent quality shoes due to her shoe size. They are classy and sexy looking. We will definetly be ordering from you again soon."

East Brunswick, NJ (10/5/2010)

"I have been a fan of Classic Pumps since I was 21 (I'm now 26) after inheriting an old pair from the 80s that used to belong to my mother. I am a shoe addict and have worn all brands of pumps, from the very basic to French and Italian designer. Pepe Jimenez and Spanish Leather is truly the best deal around.

You get amazing quality for a very reasonable price, and the shoes last forever. The styles are classic and clean and work with both professional and party ensembles. As long as Classic Pumps is around, I will be a customer!"

Houston, TX (08/30/2010)

"I first found Classic Pumps when I was trying to find a nice pair of shoes for a girlfriend of mine. After being dissatisfied with what I found in department stores, I decided to try my search online. When I tried searching for classic-looking shoes I found a link to Classic Pumps, and in doing so, I found exactly what I wanted.

I have been hesitant to order items off of the Internet for fear that the product will not be of the same quality that was advertised. I must say that Classic Pumps not only lives up to the promise of classy, high-quallity shoes, but that their product actually looks even better in person than the pictures they have been posted.

As far as customer service goes, Walt and his staff take it a step further. Whether it is a question about sizing, availability of colors and/or styles, I always receive a prompt response and am treated like a customer who matters. I have been ordering from Classic Pumps for over four years now, and I will continue to show my support and loyalty because the same support and loyalty is reciprocated through customer service that genuinely cares about the happiness of its clients, whether you are new, or a long-term regular.

If six-star service existed, Classic Pumps would be one of the few companies worthy of such praise. As for the shoes themselves, they are timeless, elegant, and will look good on any lady who likes to wear high heels. Ladies, you will receive many a compliment on your shoes from Classic Pumps, and you just might be not only the life, but also the envy of the party when you wear them. My girl always turns heads in her Lolas, and she very often is the best dressed lady because of the high quality leather heels she has, which I don't believe can be rivaled by even the top designers.

Ladies, if you want a nice pair of pumps that will spice up your wardrobe but still give you a classy, elegant look, I would say you owe it to yourself to get a pair of Classic Pumps. If you are a man looking to purchase a nice pair of heels for a special someone, let me just say that your search for the perfect pair of pumps has ended once you find your way to the Classic Pumps page.

You will be purchasing a product that never goes out of style and in the process, you will receive some of the best customer service that the Internet has to offer as you make your purchasing decisions. I plan to make more purchases in the future, and I hope anyone reading this customer testimony will feel compelled to take the initiative to go ahead and place that order. It will be well worth it!!"

Richmond, VA (07/23/2010)

"I am an overall petite woman. I am short (4' 10") and have small feet (4.5), and I LOVE heels. My problem with shoes has been that it is very difficult to find adult heels in small sizes, and after 10 years (i'm 30 now) of looking for nice classic red heels, I decided to google small shoes and came upon the Classic Pumps website. I love the Nany, a shorter heel of about 2 1/4" on my small feet.

My first order was for black patent and red kid leather. I got them during lunch and took them to my work and wore the black pair all day even though they didn't completely match my outfit. They were so comfortable, so I knew I was "hooked".

Now, I know that most women think that to look sexy you need a higher heel, but I am married to a priest and therefore I needed to have church-appropriate heels. I, being the fashionista I think I am, would never dare to compromise my nice heels. The Nany has been the perfect style for me and let me tell you, I have worn these shoes a bunch already and constantly get compliments.

On a small foot, the Nany looks like a sexy heel and is completely walkable, at church or at work I can help with the kids or carry the babies, and not feel like I might drop them. I have just placed my second order for white Nany's and a custom pair of chocolate brown Nany's. I am so excited. I will be getting the Nany in every color they have. My husband just smiles at me, he knows I have a bit of a shoe problem.

I have already begun to throw out my nasty, out-of-style, and sometimes ill-fitting heels and replacing them with these wonderful, comfortable, and stylish shoes that will be around as long as there is a cobbler available to repair them, when the time comes."

Nashotah, WI (05/17/2010)

"As an insurance representative, it's imperative that I always look my best and dress professionally both in the office and out when I am meeting with clients. When my old pumps had worn down, I looked all over for a high quality pair of comfortable heels that would complement my outfits, but the shoes I saw were always either too "clunky" looking or had such an elongated pointed toe that they were a distraction to the rest of the shoe. Thankfully, Walt, I received a pair of your wonderful shoes from a friend who knew of the dilemma I was in trying to find a nice pair of elegant, professional looking heels.

When I received my black patent Lolas, I just "knew" they were the shoes for me and that my feet were smiling. I have worn my black patent Lolas on many occasions, both for professional as well as social outings, and I continually receive compliments from both the boys and the ladies on how beautiful and classy my shoes are. I always tell them about your web site and that your great customer service is every bit up to par with the beautiful shoes you sell. In my field, I work with people of all different ages whether they are employees or clients, and I have received many compliments from younger employees and even clients who are fresh out of college who love the look of my shoes, and even they are considering making a purchase from Classic Pumps.

I wish I had known about Classic Pumps when I was younger and was still in school so I could have had an earlier start on investing in good shoes. I've had college-age girls and guys for that matter tell me how gorgeous my shoes look and ask me where I got them. I tell them why go to the mall and spend department store-like prices on inferior shoes when you can get the best with Classic Pumps.

Whether you are an experienced executive, or a college student looking to upgrade your wardrobe, Classic Pumps carries a line of shoes that will never go out of style and will be perfect for all your needs. And for college students, these shoes will stay with you for years to come because they are built to last and guaranteed not to go out of style like many of today's trendy shoes.

With Classic Pumps, I never have to worry about putting my best foot forward because they're both in a shoe that has a class, elegance, and style that simply cannot be matched. Thank you so much for helping me to always look my best!"

Deborah, in VA (02/26/2010)

"When I received my package. I was so excited, I opened the box right away. I have such small feet that it's very hard to find cute, fashionable heels that will fit. Luckily, surfing on the net, I found this website and I'm soooo glad I did. My size 3.5 black patent pumps fit so well!! I'm very excited. Now, I have my new pumps to show off. It's great quality, it's worth every penny!! AND they provide great customer service!! Thanks you so much Walt :-)."

Katy, TX (10/07/2009)

"It is almost impossible to find quality high heeled shoes in my size. My boyfriend came across the Classic Pumps website a few years ago and surprised me with a pair of BP Lolas. They are by far the favorite shoes in my wardrobe. I have muscular legs from years of speed skating competition and my Classic Pumps make them look shapely and feminine. I plan to add more Classic Pumps to my collection of shoes."

Canada (04/02/2009)

"The first thing you need to know is that I am a very 'special' customer. I don't mean to be; it's just in my nature. No one has ever actually told me that before, but I am heavily involved with a local small business so I know 'special' customers when I see them. That being said, the second thing you need to know is that I have received not only the most beautiful 'classic pumps' from Classic Pumps, but also the most wonderful customer service from them."

Menands, NY (12/19/2008)

"My name is Amanda and I just want to give Classic Pumps a big thanks for the fantastic job they do. I appreciate the prompt efficient service, and the great line of high heels! I sooooo love my Lola's!!!

As a model I have worn my black Lola's on several shoots and the photographers always comment on them. Recently I ordered the white ones and I love them too! The shoes are exceptional quality, very stylish, and fantastic at making my legs look long and sexy! What more can a girl want from a shoe?"

Amanda (12/15/2008)