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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about Classic Pumps shoes. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us so we can answer and add it to this page.

Do your shoes run true-to-size?

Yes, our shoes do run true-to-size. However, if you've never worn shoes with low-cut vamps, we suggest ordering a half size larger than your normal size. This will provide you with a little more toebox room and extra length. This is especially helpful if you wear heels without hosiery or you are an International customer.

Where are the Classic Pumps galleries?

We now have a color chart to show our shoe colors, which was the original purpose of the galleries. However, in order to increase exposure of our shoes to the widest audience possible, we continue to move many Classic Pumps galleries to our Pinterest and Facebook pages. Note that accessing Facebook requires a Facebook login.

What's the best way to color-match Classic Pumps to an outfit?

The BEST way to do this is to buy the shoes FIRST and take them WITH you to the store when you buy the outfit. The color rendition that you see in any picture might not be the same as the actual clothing item. You really never know for sure what any color (other than black) looks like until you have it in-hand.

Are there any reasons we shouldn't buy Classic Pumps?

Yes there are two reasons. If your feet suffer from severe bunions, hammertoes, or other foot deformities and if you don't like the toe-cleavage look. The low-cut vamps on our shoes will "cut" right into any bumps you may have on the sides of your feet. You'll need to find some shoes that cover these areas completely.

What are your most popular styles?

Our most popular styles are Lola, Rossi, and Lulu.

What is the most common reason a customer returns your shoes?

On the rare occasion when this happens it's because the customer didn't look at the pictures to see what toe cleavage means. Some people want their foot (and toes) entirely covered and that's NOT what you get with our shoes although the Anna and Bella styles show the least amount of toe cleavage. The vast majority of our customers are knowledgeable, classy people who know read our website information carefully.

Do your shoes run true-to-size?

Generally, yes. The biggest problem is that many people haven't had their feet measured in a while and people's feet do change sizes over time, especially width. If you have any questions, please call us or email us. It might also be a good idea to have your foot professionally measured for size at a local shoe store.

Do you stock international sizes?

We stock only U.S. sizes. We do have a size conversion chart that helps you to convert various international sizes to U.S. sizes.

Why don't you offer more styles?

Since we started Classic Pumps in 1991 we have added 13 new styles. We add at least one new style or additional color to existing styles annually. Our "look" can best be described as the plain pump toe-cleavage look and any new styles MUST fit this description. We are NOT slaves to trendy fashions and pride ourselves on the fact that we try to minimize change. Our customers LOVE us because of our dedication to preserving the legacy of pretty, feminine ladies shoes.

Are sizes larger than 11 in the Spanish Leather styles and 12 in the Pepe Jimenez styles available?

The Pepe Jimenez Rossi style is now available in sizes 13, 14, 15 in black kid and black patent leather.

Are widths other than B available?

Yes, the Rossi and Lola are now available in C width in black kid, patent, bone, navy, and red.

How do you decide which new colors to add?

We have had the pleasure of speaking with many of you and have written you letters asking you to provide us with a prioritized list of colors that you would be interested in purchasing. As these colors are added to our inventory, we will notify you by phone or letter. If you have not sent us your list, please do so at ASAP!

If you're ever out of stock of a particular style or color, how long does it take until your stock is replenished?

Out-of-stock situations can last for 60 to 90 days or sometimes longer. However, unlike a retail store, you will eventually get the style, color and exact size that you are looking for.

How do European sizes compare to U.S. sizes?

European sizes, are different in number and in width. Please consult our size chart for additional info or email us if you have questions.