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High Heel Shoe Accessories

Dressfits by SuperFeet

DressFits by Superfeet DressFits by Superfeet are designed especially for women's high heel pumps with heels of 2.5" or higher. DressFits relieve pressure and support your foot arch, giving your feet the support they need in high heels. Unlike some soft inserts that can actually cause foot fatigue, the patented Dressfits shape actually reduces toe "pinching" and crowding. Never has there been a product like this offered to the public for high heels.

Dressfits benefits include:
 — Easing foot pain and pressure, and strain on knees  — Ultra-lightweight design helps support the entire foot  — Easy fit  — Virtually invisible when worn in pumps  — Sized to fit feet/shoes perfectly  — Helps you be comfortable in ALL your high heels over 2 inches  — Can be moved from one pair of shoes to another  — DressFits do not affect or change shoe sizing.

Dressfits are packaged 1 black left/right pair to a set. Please specify your shoe size when ordering. Available sizes are 3.5 through 12.
Price: $18/pair

Dainty Footings™ Ball-of-foot Cushions

Dainty Footings shoe cushions Dainty Footings™ are shock-absorbing shoe cushions specifically designed for women who love wearing Classic Pumps but would like additional comfort. Dainty Footings reduce shock to your feet and joints, stop foot and toe slippage, help prevent the formation of blisters and calluses and keep your feet cool and dry. Their thin design won't affect your shoe size and they're invisible when worn with your Classic Pumps.

These cushions are unique in that they are made with 100% PORON™ which is the number one shock-absorbing insole material available. It absorbs impact better than latex foam, rubber, gels and neoprene. PORON™ is breathable, odorless, non-sensitizing and won't "bottom out" after repeated wearings. Dainty Footings are made in the USA!

Put a pair of these in your Classic Pumps and you can literally walk a mile on our shoes!

One size fits all. They are designed to be installed and left in a pair of shoes. Moving them from one pair of shoes to another is not recommended.
Price: $7.00/pair
10% discount on 2 or more pair.

Classic Pumps Heel Taps

Heeltips We now stock extra heel taps for any of our shoes that use the Lola/Rossi/Nany heel. These all use the same heel tap. These will last at least as long as the taps included with the shoes. We suggest having a cobbler install these to ensure that your heels won't be broken during installation.
Price: $1.50/pair (min. order 10 pr)
Note: These are for Classic Pumps only.